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Are you a fortune teller too? Fortune-telling is present in many aspects of our lives.

Often I get these comments.


“Does fortune-telling require special skills?”

“I do not believe in fortune-telling”

“Fortune-telling is not scientific”

“I believe in God (I don’t believe fortune telling)”

“Do you like the occult?”


First of all, I do not consider divination(fortune telling) as something special.


You are also telling fortunes every day.

You also predict the future or understand the current situation based on some signs every day.



A mother notices something unusual about her child by looking at the color of her child’s face.

A person judges whether vegetables are fresher at the supermarket by the way they look and feel.

One judges his boss’s good mood from his voice and demeanor.

One looks at the clouds and predicts the weather.


Many people do not have special abilities. However, many of us live our lives every day, anticipating the future based on some piece of information.


There is also this story.


A skilled shoeshiner can tell the state of the market economy from customer’s shoes, Heel abrasion and wear.

A skilled auto mechanic can ascertain a driver’s character from the wear and tear of his car’s brake pads.

A skilled chef can know the condition of the sea from the fish he buys.

A tavern owner predicts the day’s sales from the number of customers and the noise of the restaurant just after opening.

These are not scientific.

They are not statistical.

They are not mystical.

They are not acts of God.

But they do exist.

They are “regularities derived from experience”.

You must have some such regularity that only you can understand.

Divination is not special.



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